Welcome to the repository!

Here, you will find a number of data quality measures for OpenStreetMap (OSM), one of the most known collaborative spatial datasets. Such datasets are often referred to as Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) because the information is contributed by many volunteers.

Data quality is an important issue. In many cases, it is unclear how well the data reflect the environment and how fit they are for a certain use or purpose. OpenStreetMap and VGI in general are very heterogeneous due to their creation process. Volunteers with different backgrounds collect information about the environment, they use very different tools and techniques to collect the information, and they collect the information for very different purposes. Assessing data quality is thus even more important for OSM.

This repository is a collection of data quality measures – only very few at the moment but hopefully many more in the near future. Many of these measures already exist and are discussed in the literature. This holistic perspective of this collection of data quality measures related to OSM is novel and renders possible to examine, compare, and make sense of data quality measures as a whole.

Feel welcome to use this repository for your own research purposes.

Franz-Benjamin Mocnik on behalf of the Team